World-class business management software,increasing revenues and driving growth

Infosoft unites leading-edge technologies, best practices, hands-on experience and a local presence to meet the most complex enterprise needs.

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Whether you have specific customization requirements that will enable you a smarter business

Or you need a more specific strategy and plan for your growth, in regards to your competitors ?

We have a solution specifically designed for You

Including all of the business applications suited for your exact needs

And we still continue to offer our services and support for you to be at the forefront of the industry

To successfully accomplish all your needs

And celebrate a mutual success

Solutions for all Industries

Infosoft meets the unique needs of all kinds of
industries, continuously improving it’s offer and
developing flexible functionalities tailored to
their specific needs.

IMIS® - Infosoft Management Information System

Industry smart, fast and flexible integrated application for enterprise resource planning and control.

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Free Demo in 48 hours

IMIS demonstration at your company. Sophisticated modules and management capabilities. Easy to manage and deploy. Enjoy your competitive advantages.

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Our Solution for Your Growth

In 22 years of experience, Infosoft has been developing and serving thousand of companies helping them in managing easier their businesses. We believe in our customers and share with all of them a personalized experience, efficient utilization of resources, strategic decision making and boost of profits.

Infosoft serves companies in setting a higher standard of excellence and dynamic growth, using premier technologies.

Our Product’s advantages:

• Leading domestic business software
• Maximization of Investments through our services and
• Maximization of revenue opportunities
• Automatization of Processes
• Top line growth
• Intelligent Financial Analysis and Reporting



Regulation amending the Rules on the modification of Procedure of submitting taxes declarations. (Official Gazette FBiH No. 53)



Regulation amending the order of the Implementation of the Law on Income Taxes (Official Gazette of FBiH, No. 20) - PMIP Form 1024, business travel expenses and allowances for official work



Regulations on the additional accounting report - Annex (Official Gazette FBiH No. 5)



'New Project released: IMIS upgrade - the calculation of income taxes under new regulations'



Announcement of Infosoft conference "How to speed up the development of the real sector using information technologies" that will be held 19/12/2013. in Goražde.



Infosoft choosen as a software provider for the JP Ceste F BiH - following a public procurement procedure.



IMIS goes live in all pharmacies - Adonis, throughout BiH.